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Thread: Apple //c SD drives

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    Default Apple //c SD drives

    I would like some advice or suggestions. I need a hard drive for my Apple //c. Those are a little hard to find, so a modern equivalent will have to do. But it must be the equivalent of a hard drive, not a stack of floppies.

    There are, as far as I can tell, two SD card drives for the Apple //c.

    This one:

    appears two function as a 143k floppy drive and a stack of floppy disks. You change disks by pushing a button, but it's still just a 143k drive. Is this correct? If so, it's not what I want, but I need to be sure. Is it possible to access the whole card from Prodos, or a .dsk the size of a hard drive?

    This looks more like what I want:

    The description seems to say I could access one floppy drive, one .dsk image, and nine hard disk images (how big?) all at once, from Prodos (Geos? Mousedesk?). The problem is the dial controller. I WILL NOT use a vile thing like that. It looks like it's used to select the disk images to be used from a long list of many more than it can access at once. Is that correct? Once it's set up, can I disconnect that dial thing and put it away? Or is it necessary to select the current disk image from the list?

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    This not only emulates floppy drives, it can act as a smartport hard drive on the Apple //c (as long as you have the revision that supports smartport).

    Check the version using this BASIC command:

    PRINT PEEK (64447)

    If it returns 255, your //c needs a ROM upgrade to support smartport 3.5 or hard drives.

    If it returns 0, 3 or 4, you're good to go.

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    That second link has to be the worst looking design I have ever seen... A bunch of ribbon cables going to the port on the back of the computer to some kind of DVD or VHS tape case? WTH?!

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    rittwage, I don't think the drive in the second link is as bad as it looks, but the case does seem cheap and ameturish. There's only one cable to the computer, and one to that stinking dial.

    HoJoPo, I like your suggestion, and I hate it. It looks like a more advanced version of the one rittwage was so impressed by. The part I hate is the screen and dial (actually it looks like it it uses buttons). Once I set it up, can I put it in a case (even a cheap ameturish case) and not have to use the screen & buttons? Can I daisy chain it with a second floppy drive? How big a drive can it emulate? How many? How many can I access from Prodos?

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    Never mind, I found it farther down the page. Up to four 32Mb hard drives at once! Perfect!


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