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Thread: win 3.0 and software for it - questions ? What good software ws relised for it...

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    Default win 3.0 and software for it - questions ? What good software ws relised for it...

    Hi ! Saw a boxed Win 3.0 at friends place, they also have retrocomputer collection. Wondered what were really good software, programs written for it, not for 3.1 as for example Word 6.0 is fine tool but runs only on 3.1, not 3.0 ... I ask that cos I want to instal Win 3.0 on one of my 286 machines as it looks a bit more oldschool and also I want it to be for expos where I show old computers to modern people - a PC with Win 3.0)

    P.S. By the way installed win 2.0/286 on one 286 and it seems really poor(

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    Works 2
    Word 2
    Excel 3
    I have a version of cad specifically for 3.0 (have to see which one can’t remember)
    Several MS Entertainment Packs
    And really hundreds of programs, most made 1992 or earlier

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    Corel Draw!
    Maybe one of the Toolbook derived applications basically equivalent to multimedia HyperCard samples.
    Several of the not quite screen savers like Fish! or hDC Rocks (fly through the asteroids shooting at stuff) show off the Win 3 capabilities.

    Windows 2 is a lot harder to show off since just about all the good applications (Excel, Ami, Word, Corel, Paintbrush, etc.) got upgraded to Windows 3 and benefitted from the extra memory. After Dark for Windows 3 was originally a Windows 2 screen saver from a different company. I doubt anyone today would be impressed by multi-tasking Windows and Topview applications along side each other. Command Post is an interesting launcher but cascading menus attached to the MS DOS Executive shell aren't that exciting to anyone who has seen the Win95 or later cascading menus.

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    Not sure if it would run on 3.0 or on a 286, but lighthouse really was pushing it for a windows 3x game. I played it on a win3.1 Pentium system.
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    As already mentioned, Corel Draw - this program was made for Windows since the very beginning, first versions should work even in real-mode, pre-3.0 Windowses.
    Corel Draw 3.0 is probably the last version to work in Windows 3.0, the recommended version is already 3.1 - you know, for TrueType fonts.

    Also, in 1992, there was a book - "Windows magic tricks" by Judd Robbins, complete with a diskette full of various little programs showing off Windows capabilities.
    And the diskette contents is still available on the publisher's server -


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