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Thread: Kermit on the Superbrain

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    Default Kermit on the Superbrain


    Below is a hacked Kermit v4.03 for the Superbrain that actually clears the screen properly. Hooray!

    I'm not sure the CLS is working fully but REC and SEND seem to be OK. This is for the SB's main serial port only. Let me know how you get on...


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    Grabbed it - thanks Jon - will give you a shout when I get a chance to try it out.

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    Some here may not realize, we discovered when I did the Kermit exhibit at VCFE two years ago, as built, 4.03 (the last version of Kermit that was written in 8080 assembler (there was never a z80 specific optimized version)) had a bug- it did not clear the screen when it obviously should have.
    I think one case was when starting a transfer, it only did a "home" operation, so the status info of the transfer would print over what was there at the top of the screen. For demo I pushed the stuff off the screen with a bunch of CR/LF before starting a xfer.

    We talked about fixing that sometime and JonB pulled it off!

    Thanks Jon for Version 4.03.1!

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    Well, I have the source code so I could match up the locations of the escape sequences with the executable, then patch it (manually) using a hex editor.

    That overwriting of the screen really bugged me.

    Now I am looking at Kermit on the Multicomp. I'm using the generic CP/M variant but it doe not have escape sequences for the VT-100 and it doesn't send properly. Not sure how to fix it as the source code cpvgen.asm is not available, seemingly.


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