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Thread: Voyagers

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    Default Voyagers

    T-day vacation allowed me to break out the Voyagers and do some tuning up.

    Both got IDPROM battery replacements with Glitch's boards.

    Machine on the left got a new 6GB HD via an ADTX SCSI/IDE bridge from an old Powerbook. It has full compliment of 80MB RAM, and a fresh install of OpenBSD 5.9

    Machine on the right has 48MB of RAM, and a 500GB HD and is running OPENSTEP 4.2.

    JB Weld came to the rescue to fix a couple broken off keycaps on one keyboard. Last thing is to vacuum/clean the cases - I have the Sun cases for both of these, which is nice!

    I love this form factor! Now that these are fully back in service, one or the other will be on my desk for a while!


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    Excellent, always nice to see more Sun equipment back in operation

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    How nice! These machines were a sort of pipe-dream for me in the '90s. Still are, to be honest.


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