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Thread: Lexitron VT-1303

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    Default Lexitron VT-1303

    If anyone has any information/documentation regarding this system, post it here!
    If anyone is seeking the schematics or information on the individual cards of this system, I have copies.

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    A couple of months ago I decided to give a VT-1303 a good home. It had a few issues that I've fixed, and a couple more that I haven't as yet. It does boot successfully, but the keyboard isn't working - it seems that the microcontroller has either forgotten its code or is incapable of running it. I was going to attempt to program a teensy as a replacement.

    Schematics would be awesome!

    I have a set of user manuals although some may not be for exactly this model. At some stage i'll attempt to scan them. I haven't found much info on the machine at all.



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