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Thread: Adapter for using C2N datasette on other platforms

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    Default Adapter for using C2N datasette on other platforms

    I as recently looking for a cassette adapter for a TI-95 Procalc. Alas, the CI-7 is very difficult to find. But, I had a old Commodore C2N Datasette (well more than one ) and set about to make an adapter so I could use it with my TI-95.

    It then occurred to me that this same adapter could be used for many vintage platforms or homebrew computers where you want a tape interface for that 'real' vintage feel. If your tape interface is digital, i.e. 0-5V, it might just work. You know, the feeling of taking 20 minutes to load a program form tape.

    Anyhow, I did a video on it, just an overview of the design and construction. In the description is the design files and BOM.

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    Wasn't the whole thing with the datasette that is was all digital and all other cassette recorders were analog? Therefore wouldn't it be incompatible with just about all other platforms whom used standard analog cassette recorders?

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    The difference is where the level conversion is done. The datasette has all that built in so its interface is all digital. Other platforms like TI-994A and Sinclair had an analog interface. Having the analog interface work with your cassette deck was another matter. So, the short of it is that if you have a platform with a digital interface, like the TI-95, TI-74 and TI-CC40 then something like this would work.

    I'm not sure what vintage platforms had an analog interface vs. digital but they did come both ways. A lot of folks are building new computers with vintage pats now so this might be an option for them as well. Anyhow, the design is out there if anyone else wants to build one.


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