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Thread: Black Thursday/Friday - more lamo every year?

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    Default Black Thursday/Friday - more lamo every year?

    Seems that way to me. Nothing excites me about it anymore. Yet I always look forward to it. I mean if you obsessively horde large screen TV's then it's exciting. Yuck tv doesn't interest me. The one in the living room hasn't been on in months! I remember getting cool software, hardware, all sorts of odds and ends. I didn't even leave the house this year, until today, I had quality time to spend with strombollis.

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    Yeah I think it's not what it used to be. People say its for the best cause people aren't dying from Black Friday anymore, but I still found the whole event amusing, deaths notwithstanding. But now I haven't bought anything for black friday for years. There's online retailers, and there's stores starting their sales the Monday before, and there's online retailers starting their sales the Monday before...

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    But I haven't seen any hot deals online either.

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    Well, online doesn't really lend itself to hot deals. The primary thing that made black friday deals cheap was limited quantities, and I almost never see that online.

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    An ex boyfriend of mine was severely injured in a small riot caused by the air jordans released Dec 23 2011. He wasn't even there to buy the damn shoe, he was a sales associate. It's not about stuff and greedy little shit-faced kids need to realize that.


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