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Thread: ACME Portable PII/III, an industrial luggable

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    Default ACME Portable PII/III, an industrial luggable

    I wanted a desktop machine that was not-too-modern to bridge the gap between my older hardware and more modern hardware. I found this on eBay and it looked like a good contender, so I ensured it!
    Slot 1 PIII 850, 1GB RAM maxed from 256MB, 32GB SD up from 9GB HDD

    TpiM2xZb.jpg Convenient Tote Bag

    58iyxIab.jpg Rear: L/R Volume, PSU, Back panel

    qmyIiwVb.jpg Access panel for Serial, Parallel, and USB. I had to cut the opening a little larger to fit the USB ports, it used to be identical to the square on the left. Originally none of these holes were used and had their blanks in place, and USB wasn't even hooked up.

    htNl22sb.jpg My installed cards: GPIO, (Empty ISA), SCSI, Soundblaster, Ethernet, Dual PCMCIA, VGA, (Mouse reroute), Extra 3.5" bay left open to expose IDE cables and power, 1.44 3.5" Disk, 1.2 MB 5.25" Floppy
    The dangly IDE cables and power are for imaging old drives, and/or hooking up a CD-RW if needed

    UjUUhiGb.jpg Keyboard detached from front. The LCD frame was cracked, which I repaired.

    uI8UQ0Bb.jpg The connectors are stowed in this little hatch. AT Mechanical Keyboard, PS/2 Touchpad Mouse

    dG8i5fOb.jpg BIOS overview

    VU4SPMgb.jpg I multi-boots DOS 6.22+Win3.1, Windows 98SE, Windows XP, and Arch Linux via System Commander from the SD card. Stereo speakers exist below/behind the LCD frame on the main unit.

    WuAwjqEb.jpg Final iteration of my filled-out ACME Portable, an industrial luggable booted into XP.
    I call it my babelfish because it has all the ports, cards, and connectors I need to interface with all my old hardware/accessories

    And here is a small gallery with the original specs and cards
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