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Thread: My collection. Result of 12 years retrocomputer adventure.

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    Default My collection. Result of 12 years retrocomputer adventure.

    Hi to all from Moscow, Russia !)

    In September, 2006 my friends were about to trash a Compaq Contura 430cx486 notebook they have found in the atticks and were sure it can't be used anymore in "modern world". I took it home - and realised then that "all that computers I dreamed of in my childhood and youth "can be found that way and maybe just gathering dust on somebody's atticks, garage or basement)
    Now I have PC's from IBM 5150 to PIII's, Amiga 3000, 1989-1999 macs, Curta and good old 8-bit Kaypro-10. Here's howased on it looks at my place - I have long table for 4 vintage desktops on it, as well as place for my modern desktop. And the list of all my curent machines. In future hope to find C64, which is common, but I like it as a good 8 bit machine and soviet home computer BK11m, based on PDP-11 architecture). Of course I like good old games, then Photoshop, Corel Draw on 486-p1/macintosh Centris, learning Turbo Pascal 7.0 for dos (yes I know C is much better - hope to learn it, too). Also I try to take my computers to festivals, not only computer or retro related - to let people understand, realise that old computers are not junk - but product of human mind - as well as "oficial antiques", like 1914-1980 cars or 18-19 century watches...)



    I. IBM compatible desktops/towers

    01 IBM 5150 8088 4.7mhz
    02 IBM 5170 286 6mhz
    03 IBM PS/2 40sx 386SX
    04 286/20 "AHEAD/AVGA104kb"
    05 286/20
    06 286/20
    07 286/16 "ACU-MOS_VGA_512kb"
    08 286/16 "HGA"
    09 286/16 "EGA"
    10 Digital Venturis 466 DX2-66
    11 Digital LPV 486DX2-66
    12 Digital /AMD/
    13 Digital Starion 300i P1-75
    14 Compaq Deskpro DX5-133
    15 Compaq Deskpro P1-120
    16 IBM Desktop P1
    17 Mikro Mikko Ergo P1-75
    18 Siemens Nixdorf P1-75
    19 Dell XPS R400 PII-400/AGP
    20 PIII Asus P3bf PIII-550mhz
    21 P1 tower P1-166
    22 PIII 1000mhz

    II. IBM compatible notebooks, laptops...

    23,24 Compaq Contura 430cx
    25 Compaq Contura 410cx
    26 Compaq Elite 486DX2-50
    27 Dell P1
    28 IBM Thinkpad 755CD
    29 IBM Thinkpad 345c
    30 Compaq Armada 1590DMT
    31 Compaq Armada P1
    32 Compaq Armada P1
    33 Zenith p1-120
    35 ZEnith 386sx
    36 Texas Instruments
    37 IBM Thinkpad E600
    38 IBM Thinkpad T20
    39 Compaq Armada M700
    40 Goulipin 286 286/16/EGA

    III Apple Macs

    41 MacintoshIIci
    42 LC III
    43 Centris 650
    44 PowerBook 3400
    45 G3 PowerBook
    45 Ibook Clamshell orange
    46 8600/300
    47 G3 tower (G4 ugrade)

    IV "All "other" platforms" /

    48 Kaypro 10(1983) Z80A/4mhz
    49 Commodore Amiga 3000
    50 Curta

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    Great collection! Mine started much the same, rescuing one computer then realizing how cheap things were (they aren't so much anymore) and that I could have all those systems I read about.

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    Very nice to see that these machines are also preserved in Russia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterNC View Post
    Very nice to see that these machines are also pressia.
    Well, there are many collections here, like mine. There's nothing special in macs/x86 stuff,Ataris' Amiga or C64 are common too. Kaypro 10 I bought in Europe - from the Netherlands, it has 220V PSU. The thing that is very rare here are all that Apple ][ family machines. The funny thing that Soviet Computers are a bit rare - I mean professional machines - as they were scrapped in big numbers in the 90's for gold and palladium, other valuable metals - which they contain a lot) Also I know some people having really interesting machines, like DEC VAX and so on - so here are many retrocollectors, too as in all the world ) Here also is a very cool museum of the Apple Company in Moscow, where all machines are working and can be used/touched by visitor) Also my friends have a soviet/block collection, housed in Yandex, our search engine company place ...


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