Hi! Just got into the buying and eBaying of the old computers (thanks Clint and Dave).

My sister's fiancé's step-brother just gave me a full case of old C64 disks (as if my bedroom wasn't cluttered enough), and now I need to get a C64 to use them (as if i didn't just waste enough money on a PCjr).

Anyway, I was looking at some of the different revisions, and I was wondering: a) which one is the best? and b) how can i tell which is which?
Some of the things I am loking for is:
Breadbin case
Rainbow badge
8-pin video w/ chrominance and luma

What else do I need too look out for? Which is gonning to be best? And what all came in the box? I wouldn't mind finding a complete one with all of the included documents and accessories.
I will also need a 1541 disk drive, rainbow badged, is there anything to look for in that?