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Thread: Some IBM PC 110 Pics!

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    I was completely unfamiliar with these until i opened this thread. I want one!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeXT View Post
    When you had the monitor housings apart did you notice any leakage signs from t e caps on the LCD assembly?
    I have always been curious if that was partly to blame why my PC110 has really weird contrast issues for the first few minutes while warming up.
    I think I answered this in IRC but in case I didn't:
    I only disassembled one of the 'bad' display assemblies, and in fact have since totally destroyed the LCD in the course of trying to investigate what goes wrong with them.

    It is a lot more than merely the polarizer somehow "going bad" or the polarizer adhesive unsticking. Something is happening inside the layers of glass which makes this happen, as far as I can tell.

    But anyway, in the one I took apart, I didn't see visible leakage but it did feel kind of wet when I was handling it. Hard to describe, but there may have been some sort of moisture in there. There are a lot of electrolytic caps, so leakage and wandering out of spec is not unreasonable at all at this age.

    My friend theorized that cap leakage could be a contributor to the physical breakdown of the LCD (exposure to electrolyte). No way to prove or disprove that at present.

    The best path forward for these is almost certainly to replace all the LCD screens. I won't call it a lost cause to fix the existing ones, but it's probably way more hassle than it's worth.

    Quote Originally Posted by A-ko View Post
    I was completely unfamiliar with these until i opened this thread. I want one!!
    Even some fairly seasoned retro tech enthusiasts find these to be a bit of a surprise. "An IBM PC what?"

    They're neat little machines, but very limited in a few key respects, and definitely a niche market item/at this point probably only a novelty item. There is certainly no practical way to make this device a reasonable computer in 2018 (or 2019 for that matter). The necessary two-finger typing makes it an awful word processor and limited IO means it's complicated to get your work onto something else. If one felt so inclined, one could use a Pentium laptop as their daily work computer today...486 maybe a little less so...and this thing, absolutely not at all.

    I would probably feel foolish about spending the money to import these from Japan, were it not for how cheap I got them compared to the prices they command once already on this continent.
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