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Thread: Percy computer, a Compaq SLT variant?

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    Default Percy computer, a Compaq SLT variant?

    I bought this thing because of the cool keyboard arrangement, and it looks extremely similar to a Compaq SLT except:
    • Screen bezel & controls
    • Keyboard arrangement (physical arrangement, key sizes, status LEDs)
    • Front panel LEDs
    • FDD slot/button

    AZmVz89b.jpg xv2xFkgb.jpg NweTeNZb.jpg

    ATobulFb.jpg 8ZgHCg9b.jpg bKdeFBIb.jpg

    Any thoughts?

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    I finally got to compare this to a real Compaq SLT, here are the comparison pictures

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    That’s pretty cool. Definitely not made by Compaq though. The internal construction is nothing like an SLT and it looks too different from the outside.

    Is the display EGA or VGA?
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    I have NO idea where that image album link came from. Here is the proper album

    They are both VGA
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    Cool. I knew the SLT was VGA. I’m very familiar with them!

    Since you posted this in PCs and Clones I’m assuming the Percy is a 286? That gold/ceramic chip appears to be a 287, correct?
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    Correct, it's a 286 w/ 287

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    Quote Originally Posted by EkriirkE View Post
    Correct, it's a 286 w/ 287
    Compaq - “It simply works better”

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