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Thread: PDP11-40 front

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    Default PDP11-40 front

    Sometimes I just can't resist buying a piece of history...
    It's a complete PDP11/40 front panel with KY11D console PCB.

    So who has got the rest of that machine at home? I want it!
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    Hi Jack, nice project!

    For now I have enough projects... And to be honest, I prefer the real thing.

    Besides the front I had this G116, H224C, G236 32K X18 memory stack already...
    I would think this should work in a PDP11/40 too.


    It will probably take a long time to get this complete. Oh well, maybe I
    can do a nice trade in the future with some 8 stuff... Who knows...
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    11/40's are a favorite of mine. Not sure if you bid on the 11/35 that was sold recently out in California. Not too expensive. They do appear once a year or so.
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    I've seen that system on Ebay, quite a nice and complete set.
    But since I'm in Europe it's no use to bid on such machines.

    Small parts, PCB's that is doable... But complete machines
    are unfortunately unaffordable to get here...
    But who knows what will shop up here in the future.
    WTB: Dec TU56 / Case for Altair 8800


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