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Thread: Chilton's Guide to Kaypro Repair and Maintenance

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    Same Here. I have combed the internet, used book sites, ebay, Amazon and lots of other corners.

    Printed or PDF, If someone can locate this, lets share the wealth.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    Wouldn't it be easiest to just buy it off of eBay?
    Was that actually there when you sent the link? I clicked on it but it's just the usual title page you see with the 'sold out' message.
    -- Brian

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    For someone who has donated and thrown out hundreds of books, an interlibrary loan can make a lot of sense. I just today picked up the 8088 Project Book. I will "scan" it, for my own purposes, can't markup a library book.l, but can copy and paste an electronic one all day long. And that's one less pile of dead wood I have to worry about. I still love books. But my days of hoarding are coming to a close.

    And I used to own a copy of the above. Was donated or chucked. Ain't that some crap.

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    I see that someone beat you to it--it was for sale when I visited it.


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