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Thread: OS9000 for SBC

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    Default OS9000 for SBC

    I'm curious in OS9000, especially the Gespac Multiview Windowing system. I know they went under. A Microware guy said there is another windowing system.

    Is OS9000 and OS68K the same? Maybe I'm thinking CPM68K.

    Anyways, at some point I want to build a 68000 SBC so would be cool to get OS9000 running. Is that hard? What requirements does it need?


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    I have two 68000 SBC that I ported CP/M68K successfully. I, too, am interested in other OS for 68000

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    How do you like CPM on the 68K? I know the 8080/Z80 version had some development tools/languages, does the 68K version also offer them? ie Pascal, BASIC, etc

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    CP/M68K feels very much like Z80 CP/M. The TPA is not limited to 64K, however. On Tiny68K I have TPA of 7meg--don't quite know what to do with all that. The language tools are quite limited, Pacal, BASIC, Forth and C are about it. Very few applications, KERMIT, MicroEMACS, some utilities and practically no games.

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