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Thread: Old 6502 From My Parts Drawer

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    Total Newb question, but what is the ROR Bug?

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    The first version of the 6502 process has a known bug with the rotate right memory instruction.

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    Thanks for the comments, all. Hopefully this week this chip will come around and the guitar again.
    Mark, W8BIT

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    Quote Originally Posted by saundby View Post
    I've got a rough old 6502 from my parts drawer that I pulled out last night. I hadn't realized it was quite so old. I've been picking around it for decades, it got its legs bent under but I believe it to be functional (or at least it was moments before the legs got bent.) I'm carefully pulling the legs back into shape with the idea of sticking it in a free-run circuit to get a first look at what sort of shape it's in other than the obvious cosmetic damage.

    Is this old enough to have the ROR bug?
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    I made my Apple I clone a few years ago and since then Iíve been looking for that white MOS 6502 chip. Are you selling it?


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