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Thread: Using trs80gp to look into Weerd

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    Default Using trs80gp to look into Weerd

    Arthur Gleckler's talk at Tandy Assembly got me curious about his game, Weerd.

    A little dive into Weerd seemed like a good way to show some of the reverse engineering facilities of trs80gp. So I put together a little video demonstration that ran way longer than I expected. Still, you might be surprised at how easy it is to find the pixel set routine in Weerd.

    Direct link if the embedded video doesn't work for you:

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    Thanks, George! That's some cool stuff. I wasn't expecting the live-updating fps feature.

    And thanks for mentioning Arthur's talk at Tandy Assembly. I went and found the slides on his website. Very interesting to see some behind-the-scenes info about Big Five.

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    Finally got a round to watching this. Quite impressive - esp including a full debugger in the emulator.


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