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Thread: Performa 630CD Hard Drive

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    Default Performa 630CD Hard Drive

    Just picked up a broken Performa 630CD and I was hoping to use the 250mb IDE hard drive in one of my dos machines, but I can't seem to get Windows to recognize it so that I can format the drive. Can I even do this? Or does the drive have mac specific firmware or something?

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    There's a chance it has Apple firmware so it gets picked up by Apple disk software but I don't think that would stop it from working in a PC. Are you certain the drive works?

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    You will not be able to format the drive to anything usable to a Macintosh with a Windows machine.
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    Why are you using Windows to format a drive for use in DOS? use FDISK and FORMAT from DOS to do this. FDISK can deal with non-DOS partitions better than Windows can.

    But assuming you're trying to use the drive on one of those cheap USB to IDE adapters, the IDE "controllers" in those adapters are pretty dumb and generally only work with later LBA drives with multi-word DMA transfer modes. You'll need to make sure the drive is jumpered to master, not slave, cable select or some other manufacturer specific setting. Early IDE drives from the CHS era and Programmed I/O or DMA only transfer modes usually don't work with these adapters, a real IDE controller is needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeXT View Post
    You will not be able to format the drive to anything usable to a Macintosh with a Windows machine.
    IDE drives, no. But SCSI drives, yes.

    There's a DOS Macintosh emulator called Fusion, which can address real SCSI drives with ASPI drivers. I used to use this 15 or so years ago and it worked quite well. A Pentium 3/AMD Athlon machine with an Adaptec SCSI card and Windows 98 worked quite well for it.

    Though he wants to use the drive in a PC, not a Mac.


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