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Thread: From here to eternity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tezza View Post
    Just read quickly through this thread...

    CH, you say..

    "I have WinImage (licensed, of course) on a Win7 PC, but that PC can only write to PC-type drives."

    Does that Win7 PC have an RS232 port? Could you not use that machine with a suitable cable to make a boot disk? Or does the PC version of ADTPRO only write to 5.25 inch drives?

    The Win7 machine closest to the Apple IIgs has no on-board serial; only USB 2 and 3. Over time I did however add some backward compatibility with PCI cards: a USRobotics internal modem and a PCI-e serial + parallel card. And I'm happy to report that the RetroFloppy null-modem cable (Dsub 9 to DIN eight) arrived in yesterday's mail. With the help of the cable and with some advice from more knowledgeable people - including Tez - I got the right software installed under Win7 and established communication with the IIgs. I was unable to save anything I transferred but that's another issue.

    For anyone else interested in trying this, there are a few lessons I have learned the hard way:

    - There are multiple versions of ADT for multiple platforms and OSes. Make sure you find the appropriate one for your situation. The client software (for the Apple side; what gets transferred first) is the same but the server (in my case, the PC side) is where the version matters.

    - The ADTPro software that I ended up using on my Win7PC depends on having a JAVA RTE as a resource. And it matters to match the bit width of the JAVA installation with the bit width of your OS. In other words: if you are running a 64-bit OS you need a 64-bit JAVA environment. I found out (through error, of course) that my browser, which was a 32-bit app, steered me to a 32-bit installation of JAVA. Once I had discovered and corrected the error I was able to proceed with the transfer.

    - If you are able to save to disk on the Apple side, once you have made the connection and transfer of the Apple ADT client you will not need to go through the bare-metal bootstrapping process again. However, you may want to use the cable and the connection multiple times, as the setup allows you to call for and receive transfer of an Apple file from the server side. In practical terms this means that I can use the Win7 PC to surf the Internet and download files, then transfer them to the Apple IIgs via this conduit. Since the Apple II writes to its own disks it should be able to read them again even if they are slightly out of spec.

    Thanks to all who responded with suggestions. The purchase(s) was / were of a CPU with RAM card and a color monitor; no keyboard, mouse or disk drives. At the moment I am using a Mac ADB keyboard and mouse but have no disk drive that works with the IIgs. Eventually I'll fill in the missing items.

    Thanks again, especially Tez whose site opened the door to the solution.


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    Quote Originally Posted by clh333 View Post
    Thanks again, especially Tez whose site opened the door to the solution.

    No worries. I'm glad my musings were of some help.

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