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Thread: Hello from Fort Wayne!

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    Default Hello from Fort Wayne!

    Hello hello! I'm Ryan and I'm fairly new to the world of vintage computer collecting (if you can count three-ish years as new). I would say I first got into it after getting my hands on a few Pentium and Pentium II systems from my high schools IT department, and it has since turned into a full-blown hobby for me!

    Recently over the past year I've become interested in and moved up to collecting late 80s and early 90s business grade machines after aquiring a PS/2 model 80 with a 486 "Blue Lightning" processor upgrade board, followed by other systems such as an IBM 5160 and 5170, and various diferrent PS/2 machines such as a model 30 and model 95 (a type 9595 with a 90Mhz Pentium complex!).

    More recently, I managed to get my hands on an RS/6000 system (7013 type 590), which is partially why I've finally decided to make an account on here, as I have no idea what to expect from the world of Unix workstations and might need some help and tips along the way. Anyways, until it arrives I plan on making few posts about some of my current machines.

    Anyways that's probably about it for this introduction. Thanks for sitting through it and I'm excited to be here!

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    Welcome! Sounds like a nice set of systems! Enjoy!


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