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Thread: UniBone - a Linux-to-UNIBUS bridge

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    Default UniBone - a Linux-to-UNIBUS bridge

    Hi guys,

    I finished "UniBone" - a Linux-to-UNIBUS bridge, based on the BeagleBone Black.

    It is supposed to be a Linux based development platform for PDP-11 device emulation.
    At the moment it
    - can emulate memory,
    - emulate an RL11 controller with 4 RL drives attached,
    - contains a simple "hello world" device to control some lamps&switches,
    as tutorial for own simulations,
    - acts as UNIBUS hardware test adapter.

    At in Zurich we also proved that a simulated PDP-11 CPU on the BeagleBone
    can access pyhsical PDP-11 peripherals.

    There are some web pages at

    (Sorry for cross-posting, but I was told some people read ONLY this forum.)


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    As much as I love the PDP-11, the lack of something like this is what prevented me from ever considering having a Unibus PDP-11 in my own home.

    If there's ever a Qbus version of this I'm probably going to want several.


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