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Thread: Recommendations for a Pentium Pro Motherboard?

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    CPU VRMs on a daughterboard was a thing up into the Netburst Xeon days, and probably beyond. I had a Poweredge 2550 (dual PIIIs) which required a VRM for a second CPU and a option ROM on a SPI header to enable RAID support on the motherboard SCSI controller. I later worked on a Precision 650 which also required a much larger VRM for the second CPU socket.

    It's both a cost cutting measure and a market segmentation thing, they can and usually did artificially inflate the cost of the VRM modules for that extra profit margin.

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    If you haven't seen it already here is good read:

    Mostly selling to Vogons members via a private Discord channel who appreciate the Pentium Pro for what it is and its place in history. Almost all of it is new old stock. Yes there are more practical solutions, but to me vintage hardware restoration and preservation isn't about what's practical. The Pentium Pro was truly innovative for its time. I also don't think people realize that the Pentium Pro actually performed well in DOS with 32-bit protected mode games. I remember upgrading to a Pentium Pro 200/256K CPU in 1996 (CPU alone was $1200 at the time) and was taken back by how fast games like Magic Carpet 2, etc. were performing. So this notion that somehow the Pentium Pro is dog slow in DOS is a complete fallacy. Also, the Pentium Pro was a HUGE turning point in processor design and a very important moment in computing history AFAIAC.

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    A good dual PPro mainboard is the MSI MS-6107, E-ATX style.

    If you want to use an XT/AT style chassis, then the MSI MS-6103 is an interesting dual PPro choice (it even fits in IBM 5150 chassis)

    MSI MS-6104 was single PPro ATX style (click on the "X", and you'll get a photo)

    MSI MS-6101 was single PPro AT style (This one seems to be an early prototype, Rev 0c, MSI was using the Achme brand name at that time in the US)

    For the dual PPro boards, Windows NT 3.51 or better 4 or early Linux OS (versions of about 1995-97) are recommended. MS-DOS and Windows 9x and applications/games based on these OS will not benefit from the 2nd CPU. For Windows 2000 there should not be enough performance with PPro.


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