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Thread: PDC Clipper downloads.

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    Default PDC Clipper downloads.

    Maybe people are interested in covering the PDC Clipper in one of the C64 - emulators.

    For their benefit I put onto my FTP-server​ the following :

    - Manuals ( Sorry, you will have to brush up your German. Donīt think they were ever translated into English)
    - ROM images
    - .D64 images of the 4 disks that came with the system.
    - some more pics.

    Kudoīs to Ruud Baltissen for coming up with the scans and diskimages.



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    Fortunately, a lot of the material is straight forward. BASIC keywords are BASIC keywords. A good chunk of the programming manual is spent providing translations of the English language error messages. Okay, my limited level of German won't allow me to process the marketing fluff but I don't care about the special nouns that describe the intended user.


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