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Thread: Toshiba 310cds laptop clock battery / connector

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    Default Toshiba 310cds laptop clock battery / connector


    I finally took the Toshiba laptop apart and found this..... It appears the corrosion somehow wicked up the battery leads and even got on the motherboard. One battery unplugged just fine. However the other, the wires pulled out of the connector. Then as I was trying to remove the connector from its socket, the whole socket came off the motherboard. Ugh. it was so badly corroded it was toast anyway.

    I know I can cut the connector off a new battery and solder leads directly to the motherboard. I was just curious if anyone knew of where I can get the socket.


    I did clean the motherboard of corrosion and it seemed to come off fine. Also the other batteries socket although a little corroded will be just fine.

    WhY does Toshiba use two batteries?


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    I assume that the 7.2V (6 cell) one is to keep settings, while the 3.6V (3 cell) one is to run the clock. Or the other way around...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tblake05 View Post
    Why does Toshiba use two batteries?
    In my Toshiba 430CDT, the 7.2V battery is used in support of the 'resume' feature - see [here].

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    Try to measure pitch of intact connector. From pics it looks like JST type connector. You may look at any electronic supplier for JST connectors with same pitch and pin number.

    In T1200, Toshiba used both 2mm pitch 2 pin connector for RTC and resume batteries (try searching and compare: JST PHR 2mm pitch). Yours look like one 2 pin and one 3 pin connector. To rewire it you need plugs with pins. Pins can be tricky to crimp without a proper tool but with small needle-nose pliers one can manage.

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    Sounds good, thanks! I will look into the JST connector. I wont have to rewire anything because I'll be replacing both batteries. They seem to be available for purchase various places on google.


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