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Thread: Is the HP 200LX good for thumb typing?

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    Default Is the HP 200LX good for thumb typing?

    Hello. I'm considering getting an HP 200LX, but I'm wondering how good it is for thumb typing, considering that it's still relatively big. What are your experiences?

    Also, what exactly is the difference between the 100LX and the 200LX? I read the latter has updated software. Does that mean that the user applications have more features?

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    It seems awkward to me on my 100lx because the position of the letter keys in relation to the number pad means you have to stretch your right thumb rather far to reach them. The left thumb seems placed much better. It is possible but may be uncomfortable if done for long. I can't speak from personal experience since I have not actually tried typing anything long on it. I have mostly been throwing CGA games on it to see how they work. Scrolling is not great on the monochrome LCD. Have not figured out how to play kings quest yet.

    I believe the main upgrade of the 200lx is the addition of a larger ROM with more software, and I believe more, possibly larger, RAM options. Otherwise they function identically. I don't say this from personal experience, I do not have the 200lx.


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