While Xbox One allows you to buy downloads or activate your existing collection of Xbox regular or 360 games via backwards compatibility, PS4 has none.
PS3 however had PSone games disc compatibility as well as PSone classics on the PlayStation Store. True, most people got stuck up with PS2 compatibility it didn't really matter much because you could of gotten a new PS2 slim for $99 separately.

I know PS3 / 360 are not vintage. Butt the heck were they thinking as there were like 12 hardware revisions on each console just for a new rise in hard drive space. I know many revisions were due to more hardware changes than just that but... c'mon! 20GB starting points?

Or to make it more vintage, Dreamcast & Saturn in America have had very little respect from Sega in the modern era. Maybe less than 10 games re-distributed around the place What gets all the glory? The Sega Genesis AKA Master System.

Meanwhile Nintendo, having made it known for many years that they were all in with Wii / Wii U / 3DS doing Virtual Console they also made their stance known by suing the living heck out of a ROM website and causing other ROM sites to quack in their collective boots.