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Thread: What is the best storage media?

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    What about MDISC archiving technology? It seems to fit this exact purpose and lately I've been considering it.
    Are you people not familiar with it yet, or it's not mentioned for a good reason that I'm not aware of?
    Here's a short intro to it:

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    There have been a few threads on M-Disc before. M-Disc Blu-ray has reliability that is roughly in line with the better Blu-ray discs. M-Disc DVD does seem better than the average recordable DVD but that isn't hard. The problem is that M-Disc costs about $2 a disc for DVD or $3 for Blu-ray even in budget oriented mass packs despite relatively recent price reductions.

    Don't put M-Disc in the attic; the increased temperature cuts life span by 90%. With proper storage, the estimate is that 50% of the discs will last 1,000+ years. However, with more normal storage conditions and a desire to be able to read 90% of the discs, it would be necessary to refresh the discs about every decade.

    I would recommend M-Disc for law firms and similar organizations as a secondary data copy that would be unchanging. A very good chance that much of the data would survive until after it will no longer be needed and a lot cheaper than scanning the paper copies again. For normal users, I just don't see the cost benefit ratio in M-Disc's favor.


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