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Thread: Some fun with a microcontroller.

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    Default Some fun with a microcontroller.

    Some useful fun with a microcontroller and old equipment.

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    Nice! So Ed = Edward and you have been working with Henk Gooijen on this project?
    WTB: Dec TU56 / Case for Altair 8800 ...... Rolands Github projects

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    Yes, Henk made the interface board.
    The current software uses a 4 byte command and response protocol and is based on some ideas we had.
    I have done some testing using a small program to do some punching and/or reading.
    As a result of this testing, some minor tweaks to the command protocol could be needed, this will
    then be version 2.

    I am also making a modified pdp11_pt.c (SIMH PC11 emulator module) module which will be a
    a drop-in replacement to allow it to use the real PC05.

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    It's funny.Although I don't quite understand how to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgann View Post
    It's funny.Although I don't quite understand how to do it.

    What do you mean? The board?
    After Christmas we are going to make a few changes to the software (normal reading speed, few extra commands, etc)
    As soon as everything works as expected, I'll upload the software & schematics in a github repo.


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