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Thread: Analog joystick recommendations?

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    Question Analog joystick recommendations?

    I have a 486 DX2-66 system (no USB). I have a couple of sound cards with game ports. The one in it now is a PAS-16. I also have a few flight sim games, some DOS, some up to Win95. What would be a good analog joystick to hunt for to use with flight sims? I also have some racing games, but I'm not going to attempt to get a vintage wheel/pedal combo. Looking for a joystick. It looks like some good candidates that are available would be the Thrustmaster Top Gun, or the MS Sidewinder Precision Pro/Pro 2 as long as it has the 15 pin connector. Any other good ones that might be common in the US?

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    Logitech Wingman were very popular.
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    I have one of these h:rk:179f:0&autorefresh=true that I got at Good Will for $5. I realy like the feel. It has just the right amount of spring pressure and travel. The trims work well and it has a throttle control. Be careful though, some of the ones I've seen don't have the throttle.

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    It turns out I did have my old joystick from back in the day. It's a Gravis Advanced joystick like this one. It has adjustable spring pressure, but no throttle control. I'm not sure about trimmers. IIRC, it wasn't a very good one. I'll give it a try. I found it in a box of other old stuff I thought was long gone, including some ISA and VLB cards.

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    Gameport joysticks, even for 486 were in wide range, from simple two buttons, one stick to compared to modern joysticks, with hat, throttle and many buttons. Sometimes You can buy even a new gameport joystick. But gameport is probably less popular nowadays than Atari/Amiga DSUB9. You can buy new joysticks with DSUB9, from cheap styled as original Atari to better quality made in Poland(yes, they still make it). As far as I remember there were some ISA cards, and modern converters from digital joystick to analog.

    Nearly off - topic - maybe You known it, but there are also adapters for gameport joystick to USB so You can use it even with modern laptops/smartphones(with OTG).


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