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Thread: Analog joystick recommendations?

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    Question Analog joystick recommendations?

    I have a 486 DX2-66 system (no USB). I have a couple of sound cards with game ports. The one in it now is a PAS-16. I also have a few flight sim games, some DOS, some up to Win95. What would be a good analog joystick to hunt for to use with flight sims? I also have some racing games, but I'm not going to attempt to get a vintage wheel/pedal combo. Looking for a joystick. It looks like some good candidates that are available would be the Thrustmaster Top Gun, or the MS Sidewinder Precision Pro/Pro 2 as long as it has the 15 pin connector. Any other good ones that might be common in the US?

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    Logitech Wingman were very popular.
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    I have one of these h:rk:179f:0&autorefresh=true that I got at Good Will for $5. I realy like the feel. It has just the right amount of spring pressure and travel. The trims work well and it has a throttle control. Be careful though, some of the ones I've seen don't have the throttle.

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    It turns out I did have my old joystick from back in the day. It's a Gravis Advanced joystick like this one. It has adjustable spring pressure, but no throttle control. I'm not sure about trimmers. IIRC, it wasn't a very good one. I'll give it a try. I found it in a box of other old stuff I thought was long gone, including some ISA and VLB cards.


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