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Thread: Updated- Computer Games for Sale

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    Default Updated- Computer Games for Sale

    I was originally selling 7 computer games/items as a group. After requests for specific games, I decided to sell them individually. Following is a list of the remaining games/items with prices. Shipping is additional. If interested, please send a Private Message. I will note any sold games in the comments because I cannot find a way to edit my post once it is up.

    1. Myst by Broderbund 1993 (Windows 3.1, Windows 95 CD-ROM) Also includes The Journal of Myst, Troubleshooting guides, Myst hint brochure, original box Everything is in very good condition- A Cyan Production

    2. Doom: 1994 Comes with two 3 1/2 disks in the original cardboard envelope that says- The incredible 3D sequel to Wolfenstein. It also states that it was published by ID Software and Distributed by Micro Star as shareware. Very good condition. $8

    3. Battlefield 1942: Medal of Honor Allied Assault, 2002, Comes with TWO CD-ROMs in the original Battlefield 1942 jewel case, by EA Games. Very good condition. $7

    4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, 1999, Red Storm Entertainment, Comes with a CD-ROM in the original case with cover documentation. Very good condition. $7

    5. WarCraft II Tides of Darkness manual and original box in excellent condition. $10

    Everything has been stored inside of my home. I have described everything to the best of my ability and is being sold “as is”. I live in Texas and will package securely and mail in the most secure, economical manner. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I appreciate your consideration.

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    Numbers 1- Myst, 2- Doom, and 4- Rogue Spear are no longer available.

    That leaves Battlefield 1942 and the WarCraft box and manual. If you own the WarCraft II Tides of Darkness game, you may want the box and manual to complete the set.

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    Hi CMD, I’m interested in the Warcraft 2 box and manual. Is it in great condition? Do you have a photo? Thanks

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