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Thread: Swap NEC APC for Superbrain QD?

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    Default Swap NEC APC for Superbrain QD?

    Just putting the feelers out - I have a working NEC APC (2 8" drives, colour screen, CPM and MS DOS plus other disks) would anyone be interested in swapping it for a fully functional Intertec Data Systems Superbrain QD?

    My NEC APC has all the original Manuals, receipts, somewhere I have a cover. The system test disk, folders with the CPM disk plus copies. Also has db software and word processor software plus the disks containing business records etc of the original owner.

    It has 2 8" drives
    Colour screen
    128KB RAM

    The standard setup really.
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    Oh, I'm in the Uk, I'm willing to drive quite far to facilitate the swap. No postage - an NEC APC is probably 30kg with all the extras.


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