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Thread: EGA video problem with VGA monitor

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    Default EGA video problem with VGA monitor

    Hello guys! I need to open ancient files from a commodore PC 30-III. This computer has a ATI wonder 800+ EGA 9 pin d sub connector but I haven't an EGA monitor.

    someone can halp me to find the cheeper solution to switch on the computer with a monitor? I have a NEC 15" VGA monitor or a old monocromatic monitor.

    I can do any adapter cables....but I may need a card like this:

    later I'll post some pictures of my old computer from '80!!

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    A mda monitor from most anything including old brother typewriters can usually be used with ega

    Likely no help but more common than true ega

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    Install a 8BIT (16BIT 8BIT compatible) VGA ISA PCB. That is the fastest/cheapest method most likely.

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    Or get yourself one of THESE. It converts EGA or CGA or MDA to VGA.
    I have built and sold a bunch of these. They work great! I have one that I'd be willing to sell if you're interested.


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    an MDA monitor will work with an EGA card, but you may need to adjust some DIP switches on the video card.

    putting in a VGA card in place of the EGA card may be the easiest solution, if you have one handy. In the long run, having such a card available is a good idea because working VGA monitors are easy to find compared to working MDA, CGA or EGA monitors.

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    Thanks to everyone, today i found the original monitor of that commodore but looks it doesnt work....tomorrow i ll test it better. Thanks again for the solutions! I will let you know....

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    Looking at the dipp settings on that video card it appears that is one of the transitional ega cards that can do 16 color vga emulation of sorts

    Ttl vrs analog voltage may be an issue but the card has analog settings which means you might be able to use a simple 9 pin to vga adapter

    Does make me curious what refresh and video mode the card starts in when setup for. S-EGA analog

    Google is your friend, remove the card and I’d the specific one you have, might be a simple matter of choosing the right dipp switches to get 31khz


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