I have a reproduction of the original Altair 4 slot backplane now available.

I have them listed on Ebay, but also can sell directly at a bit lower cost, please see my website at http://www.the-planet.org

It can be used to re-create an Altair 8800A system, to extend an original system or for general 8080A / Z80 S100


An original backplane was professionally scanned and Gerber files created.

The backplane was fabricated using double thick PC board material (3.2mm). The original backplane was produced in

both standard PC board material (1.6mm) and the thicker (3.2mm) style. The thicker boards are much sturdier. I do

have a few of the thinner boards fabricated and can provide those as well.

I have sourced the original Sullins Connectors and can provide those as well.

I also still have the Altair and IMSAI Cpu cards.

- Gary