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Thread: Trident TVGA 8800CS

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    Default Trident TVGA 8800CS

    I've got a card with TVGA 8800CS chipset, 512 KB of RAM, for 8-bit ISA.
    Thought it would be the perfect card for a fast Turbo XT.
    But I can't find fully working software for it - there's something on Vogonsdrivers, but SVM.EXE refuses to work, needs 8900 chipset.
    I've found some Windows 3.1 drivers: 640x480x256, 800x600x16, 1024x768x16 modes work, but 800x600x256 doesn't.

    Perhaps somebody has original driver disks for this particular chipset?
    The most important thing seems to be the utility to switch emulation modes - a card without good CGA emulation doesn't make much sense in an XT.
    8900 and 9000 chipsets do have CGA emulation, but what about the 8800CS ?

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    I did some more experiments, and looks like this card doesn't support 800x600x256. - "5Eh G 800 600 256 packed (Undocumented on 8800)"
    I guess "undocumented" means it does work on some cards, but not on mine, I can't set the 5Eh mode even in DOS.
    Also, tried two different VESA TSRs, and neither provides working 800x600x256 mode.

    And if there's no CGA emulation on the VGA output (there's also TTL output, but I don't care), then this cards sucks totally.
    Must either back off to some 256KB card, or do the ugly thing - install a 16-bit card in an 8-bit slot.

    Or does anybody know of any good 512KB SVGA with 8-bit ISA connector?

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    Here is a thread with more information on this topic:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterNC View Post
    Here is a thread with more information on this topic:
    Yes, I know there's plenty of 8-bit-compatible 16-bit cards.
    But this time I want a true 8-bit card. And better than this stupid Trident.

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    Why does it matter? If it works better than that stupid Trident isn't that good enough?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    Why does it matter?
    No real reason, apart from that I don't like 16-bit cards in 8-bit slots.

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    I am not sure there are 8BIT VGA cards with > 256KB.

    Maybe this one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterNC View Post
    I am not sure there are 8BIT VGA cards with > 256KB.
    See the original post - there were such cards already back in the era.

    So, that issue with 5150/5160 is fixed now?
    Indeed, a very nice thing...


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