I haven't had any issue with GOG, but wanted to share a similar story regarding Acorn computers.

An individual purchased the licenses from various software houses as they closed, with the interest of maintaining and selling the software going forward. Good guy, keeping it legit and making things affordable for owners. Games owned by this person were not found on archive sites.

Well.... I owned a game as a child called Haunted House. It wasn't a good game, but I wanted to beat it as an adult, and didn't want to spend $$$ getting it sent from the UK on a floppy disc that might have bad sectors [the original owner gets $0.00 for every second hand copy sold btw, not much different to "archive downloads"]. So I thought I'd go order it via his website.

Sure enough they had it, but only in a compilation CD, I tried extracting the game from the legitimate ISO I had purchased, but was unable to, and my machine didn't have a CDROM.

A few years passed and I got a RISC PC with a CDROM inside. Great! Lets try out that CD! But then I realised I didn't have the files anymore, I had the original email but those links only stayed up for a few days after purchase. So I thought I'll just buy it again! But it appears the owner has passed away (very sad to hear) and his family was intending to release all the software for free to the public - that was two years ago, and it's pretty much just nothing.

So I've bought the game twice in my life, still can't play it.
If it was an archived game, e.g. not from somewhere that they'd purchased the license, I'd be able to get it.

I know I know, CoolStoryBro, but for software archiving I trust pirates more than legal license holders.