I tried out a new recipe today. Cold rise Beer bread. I will probably never make it this way again. It turned out just fine, but everyone prefers my Beer and Onion bread. I've been trying to keep good copies of all my recipes lately.

So I figured I'd use geoWrite this time, because it's been a while since I used it. I typed up the document only to not be able to print it. When printing from geoWrite, I get a Disk Read Error. Oddly, just double-clicking the document icon on the desktop (to open it in geoWrite), renders the same result. But opening the file from the menu in geoWrite works. If I drag the document to the printer from the desktop, the disk drive runs for a while, then the screen blanks and the desktop reloads, no error.

Am I forgetting or missing something? Or is my original copy of GEOS 1.2 corrupt?

I'm using a Star Gemini II mit the Comm. Compat. driver. I tried several drivers with the same results.