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Thread: The Lower Planes BBS

  1. Default The Lower Planes BBS


    TLP managed to snarf a mention in this issue of Paleotronic.

    We've also had some Finnish guys turn up looking around too. First
    Risto Virkkala author of SuperBBS followed by a "journalist" doing a
    piece on the halcyon days of Finland's BBS scene.

    For all your Apple II Retro BBS Action

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    We have an alternate mega menu up. Basically all of the possible options through out the existing menus crammed into one page. If you wish to try, you can select it from the main menu. It'll be slower to display, but with hotkeys probably quicker to navigate when you get used to where the new keys go.


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    Just for reference at TLP, + will put you on the MegaMenu, but if you prefer the cascading style, hitting ^ will get you back to that style.

    TLP's sister has the hardware database flying along. PHP code has been improved to eliminate matches that result in null fields in the data, looks tidier and not like its full of errors. The hardware database will also give you a link to the appropriate manual in the library should it be there. That part is still a work in progress.


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    The hardware database has reached the 300 item mark. While the library leads slightly at 385 documents... all searchable, where possible the hardware matches up to manuals in the library.


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