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Thread: Polish games for mainframes?

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    Default Polish games for mainframes?

    Maybe You known who can have the software, or even is running it at museum?
    I am generally looking for games made in Poland, for mainframe like Odra or Jednolity System/RIAD. These computers in newer versions used same software like ICL or IBM.

    Also I am looking for so called "professional simulation" like SYGRYDA, where I found a info that SYGRYDA was a simulator of director in planned economy.

    Sadly it's hard to get info or software, and often authors don't have a copy.

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    I've only heard once about such games: a few years ago, at Pixel Heaven - a retrogaming fest held annually in Warsaw.
    One of the prelegents (I don't remember who) was mentioning some game running on some big iron.
    So, all I can recommend is to attend such events, and ask around...

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