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Thread: VIC-20 "Denial" forum down

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    Default VIC-20 "Denial" forum down


    It seems the "DENIAL" forum - probably the most recognized and popular forum for VIC-20 users - is down. I haven't been able to access it since the middle of last week.
    Does anyone have news on whether the forum is actually undergoing maintenance, has been hacked, is shut down, or whatever? Does the forum's owner, Jeff Daniels, even know it's down (I have no way of contacting him).

    I hope it's not down for good, or that any of the amazing past threads have been lost.


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    There was a post about this on Lemon yesterday - they're having some kind of shenanigans with their hosting company. Sounds like he's got a back route set up for the moment.
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    Yes, the forum is temporarily elsewhere right now.

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