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Thread: Apple Lisa Floppy Disk Avery label templetes???

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    So these bad boys yeah?


    Will have a play later this evening.
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    So it turns out one can only upload a maximum 48kb PDF as a post attachment, and one cannot attach a PDF to a private message, so not only do any interested bystanders miss out one some LEGENDARY generic Apple disk labels, I also don't seem to have a convenient way of sending them to KLund1.


    It's like I'm really in the 90's again!

    Might go rattle the cage in the forum support section and see if that can be changed. KLund (and any other interested parties who might want the generics on the second page), shoot me a PM with your email address, I'll get them over.

    It should be noted that unless you have a crazy good quality printer there will likely be a lot of bleed from the black to the white areas and fine details on the logo may be missed. Might be best to take the PDF and some label sheets to Kinko's (if they're still a thing) or your regional equivalent. Adobe Illustrator file available on request
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    Quote Originally Posted by KLund1 View Post
    ATSystems that would very kind of you, and much appreciated! The last ones on the page. LISA Office 3.1 is what I think I need.
    Again Thanks!!!
    I'd be interested in these also...

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    Shoot me a PM with an email, it shall be done.
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