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Thread: Connecting IBM 3101 Terminal to Mac OS X

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    Default Connecting IBM 3101 Terminal to Mac OS X

    I recently bought an IBM 3101 20 terminal and was hoping I could connect it to one of my computers running OS X and access the unix terminal from it. I have looked around on the internet and found things like screen and getty, but I can't find enough information to get the computer and terminal to communicate. Right now, I'm using a USB to serial adapter with a prolific chipset, as well as a 9 pin to 25 pin serial adapter cable. I'm guessing most of my problems are coming from incorrect set DIP switches. I have no idea what half of them mean, and for the half that I do, I don't know what they should be set to (e.g. Duplex, Parity, Stop Bit, Block/Char, etc...). If anyone has an advice on the software or hardware side that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most of what you find on the net are discussions of using a mac as a terminal emulator out a USB serial port

    What you want is the opposite. This should get you started


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