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Thread: Anyone here use FlashFloppy on a Gotek for IBM 5150/60/70?

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    Then I still need to add a connector between your PCB and the GOTEK by reusing one from existing floppy cable? Or you have the connector mounted also?

    Quote Originally Posted by ldkraemer View Post
    I used the standard Card Edge to 34 Pin Header. I had some PCB's created and sold some excess I have.
    I still have a few available.

    I looks like this.

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    The 34 Pin header is soldered to the PCB, and has the capability of selecting any Floppy Drive DS{0..3}
    by cutting a couple of traces and soldering a jumper to the needed Drive Select. It also has the
    capability of strapping Pin 2 LOW for selecting Low Density for 3.5" Floppy's that require it.
    And of course the 34 Pin Right Angle Header is a Gold Plated Pin Connector.

    A Photo of the actual Adapter is on my Google Drive


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    I also used an adapter, the one my friend @ldkraemer showed. Works well.

    The tape I showed has the first straight connector. The second is interlaced. I used the first connector.

    I didn't do anything. No rework. The cable is original.


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