Looking for a pinout for the battery connector for Gateway Handbook 2000 486.

I have one of these little machines complete with everything except for the battery. The guy I got it from told me it works, but I've never been able to test it because I don't have a battery.

I've seen this website: http://sukhanov.net/projects/handbook/ which has some great pictures of the battery and the inside of the machine, but I can't tell for sure what the pinout of the power connector is based on the pics.

This thread has a description of the connector pinout, but I'm hesitant to apply power to the pins based on the description. I checked with a meter and, at least on the machine itself, there is no continuity between the third and fourth tabs. It also seems possible that there may be different voltages needing to be present on more than just the main + and - tabs for the machine to work (as in maybe one of them is a "power good" tab or maybe a midpoint between some of the cells in the battery).

Thanks for the help.