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Thread: How to Search the forums?

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    Default How to Search the forums?

    I am trying to search various forums for various things and I cannot interpret the results. For example, I am searching the For Sale and the Wanted sections for anti-static bags. I use "anti-static bags" and " "anti-static bags" " and the results look the same showing several threads. When I search the threads, I cannot find any mention of anti-static bags. I also tried to find instructions on how to search but could not find any.

    Can anyone help or steer me in the right direction? Thanks, Jim

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    The site internal search tools do not work very well. Try an outside search engine, specify vcfed as the target site and enter the search terms. Note: for some reason, the search tends to lead me to the mobile version of the forum so it may be necessary to click the full site option on the page to resume the normal forum look.

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    I don't think there are any for sale.

    In any case Goggle is much better for searching than this site's built-in search tool.

    Just prefix your search with... It will search all the forums but at least it works well.

    BTW, how many and what type bags are you looking for?
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    I go through about 50 a week, various sizes, from CPU size up to large server board size. Prefer the transparent metal-in static shielding bag. Thanks for asking.

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