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Thread: Cable pinout for an external RX02

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    Quote Originally Posted by m_thompson View Post
    I find it easier to boot OS/8 from a second serial port using serial disk, and then to test the peripherals. Once OS/8 is booted from the serial disk you can make sure that the OS/8 RX8E handlers are installed.
    Thanks for your reply!

    Yes I've booted the system with the OS8 disk server. But it seems OS8 doesn't recognize the RX01.
    Since the drive is triggered by the boot loader and not by a DIR command in OS8, I think I have to
    make some settings in OS8. Can you tell me where I can find the info to setup that RX8E handler?

    Quote Originally Posted by m_thompson View Post
    You can then run RXREAD to make sure that you can read the whole diskette, copy some files onto the diskette, and read the files from the diskette. If all of that works, you can build a version of OS/8 with the RX8E as SYS: and DSK:, transfer it to the RX01, and then BOOT/RX.
    Those will be the next steps then
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    The OS/8 "RESOURC /E" command will tell you if the RX8E handlers are configured in OS/8.
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