Hi, I'm relatively new to c128 and I'm wondering what sort of file browsers and what capabilities are out there.

I've been using dc1280 on my c128d for file browsing, copying, disk imaging, etc... I found it to be kinda buggy (Even dc64 in c64 mode and indeed on my c64 breadbin). Here are some of the issues I found w/ dc1280:

-when creating a directory, you get prompted, but after typing name (and no error given), the directory simply doesn't appear.

-when making a disk from a d64 or d81... You can wait for the entire process to complete, then afterwards? The disk seems to have been untouched (nothing on it).

-Disk format chokes and errors out.

-When doing a multiple file copy that involves more than one screen fulls worth of selections... It simply copies the first file.

Anybody else have similar results?

Anybody using a different program with similar features?