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Thread: How Do You Keep A Record Of Your Collection?

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    Default How Do You Keep A Record Of Your Collection?

    I'd like to start as I mean to go on (as they say) so I'm looking for some tips on how you keep a record of your collection?

    I want to keep a record of the spec's of the laptops I'm collecting along with the Retro games and software/operating systems etc.

    I'm taking a look at SpiceWorks as a starting place as it can also keep a record of serial numbers etc. so I don't have to keep referring to my instruction manuals etc. and I can store them away to stop them getting damaged etc. It's also a helpdesk so I can keep a track of what issues (if any) each laptop has so as and when I get time to tinker with them I will know exactly what needs doing to them to restore/refurbish them.

    I've downloaded HWiNFO (Portable 32/64b for Windows and a DOS version that runs on floppy disk) - looks like you can save it as a html file.

    So, do you document what stuff you have? If so do you just keep paper records or something else?
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    I asked the same thing over here a few weeks ago, might be worth a read through. I'm only just getting to a point where everything is unboxed and ready to audit, I'll likely just go the spreadsheet option as it leaves open the possibility to capture any arbitrary data I wish, but I will have a look at memento as well before I commit.
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    I'd like to hear about someone using dBase or something like that, haha.
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    On the one hand I'd love to have a collection big enough to require it's own SQL instance. But by that point, I guess cataloguing would be the least of my worries. At least I have a nice lush lawn I could camp on. Not sure how the missus would feel about it though
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    Quote Originally Posted by offensive_Jerk View Post
    I'd like to hear about someone using dBase or something like that, haha.
    Why haha? What's wrong with dBase or something like that?

    I use Excel more and more, but some sections of my inventory are indeed FoxBase files.

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    I use an internal MediaWiki server and create wiki page trees per computer. Along with this I create matching filesystem directories per computer system to store related files/downloads/images/etc.

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    Well, SpiceWorks is great for modern networked machines but is useless for manually adding entries as you cant add details like RAM, CPU or HDD as they are locked and only updated via a network scan - so that VM has been deleted!

    Instead I have settled with an old favourite (no, not an Excel spreadsheet) but an Open Source asset management solution called Snipe-IT. I used it at work to replace an inaccurate spreadsheet that had been used for years and it's very good.

    You have to install it on Linux, I'm no good with Linux as have never really had any reason to learn/use it but luckily there is an automated script you can run that installs it all for you
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    I started in the 1991 with a text file. Then I started to program in dBase but it never got finished. The same with later tries with Access, Delphi/Lazarus. But about 2002 I converted my text file into a Excel sheet (under LibreOffice) and it still works very fine with me. I use seven columns so far describing location, type of object (software, book, motherboard, computer, drive, box), name (IBM, Commodore, Linux), type (5150, C64), general description, connector (ISA, PCI, IDE), type of IC (DIMM, SIMM, DIL40-5) and "in what machine can it be found". Something can be found in a box and a box can be found on a shelf. Quite simple and crude IMHO but still so good that I stopped programming my own tool in the end.
    The most easiest thing of an Excel sheet: you can sort in any way you like. And adding a functionality is just adding a column.
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