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Thread: Osborne 1 - keyboard exchange?

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    Default Osborne 1 - keyboard exchange?

    Are Osborne keyboards interchangeable?

    More to the point, would an Osborne Executive keyboard work correctly with my Osborne 1, Beige case, s/n A 14649. Current failing keyboard: Oak FTM (altho' I don't know if that's the original keyboard, it worked properly until matrix failure). Oak s/n 22216, part 5-64951-011, date 249-8207.

    Tom M.

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    I take it you didnt quite get to the bottom of the issue? could the keyboard controller IC be the culprit?

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    Well, I pretty much got to the *very* bottom of the issue. Cut right into the membrane, but made no progress. Once I got that far, I couldn't figure out any remedy, or for that matter, what the problem is anyway. The IC could be the culprit, but I sure don't know how to troubleshoot and/or fix an IC.


    So, I think I'd better continue my search for a replacement.

    Tom M.


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