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Thread: Any good times to be had with colored Macs?

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    It just seemed groove as all get out when I found it. I think it was 20$, Compusa I think. Of course you never got to use any of it. Loaned it, and eitherni didn't have a cd-rom yet for my IIx, or the stuff needed a Much later Mac.

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    Most of the games and programs worked on 68k macs. There were a few PowerPC only things and some programs which required a 68881/2 (think a graphing calculator.)

    The set is pretty much obsolete now, you can get the full version of most of the games on the first and second discs, as well as the utilities. The software suites were a mixed bag, some later became commercial software.

    I remember one game called System's Twilight which the author released the full game for free several years back.


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